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Flight School Newsletter - September 2018

Taking the Written

Prepare yourself to pass

It has been a busy summer here at Griffing Flying Service, seemed like everyone wanted to be flying. But clear skies and calm winds are becoming a memory of the recent past. As seasonal weather approaches and prevents you from flying, it is time to study for your next written test. One thing we have noticed is that people like to put off the written and end up delaying their final check-ride. The test results are good for 2 years, so no reason not to work on it right away. Here are some tips/approaches to prepare yourself to take the test.

Paper Test Prep Book

Various companies offer test prep books and these can be found online from retailers or in our pilot shop at the airport. These books simply have questions that could appear on the test organized by category. When utilizing the book, this is a suggested approach:

1 - Black out every wrong answer. Cross all the wrong answers off with a sharpie, so you never see them. This way when you take the real test the wrong answers won't seem familiar.

2 - Read the source material. The questions will likely have a citation to what publication/chapter/law it references. Go read it.

PROS: With a paper book, its easy to remove yourself from distractions and focus.

CONS: Doesn't simulate an actual test and you will have to be self-driven and self-disciplined. The structure you follow and approach is up to you.

Test Prep Software

These are often online, but do exist in various formats such as pc software or a phone/tablet applications. They allow you take to practice tests in the same fashion as you will encounter in the testing center. You can also create study sessions on specific categories you are struggling with. Metrics are provided for each section of knowledge to help guide you. When you get a question wrong it will explain why.

PROS: Can simulate an actual test. Performance metrics. Explanations for right answers.

CONS: Its easy to get distracted on a computer. Easy to remember the wrong answer instead of the correct one. Many people substitute the explanation for actual studying of the source material.

Online Ground School

Several companies offer online ground schools, these include reading assignments, slide shows, and videos. Typically you have to pass a test on each section to advance to the next. Your purchase is usually good for a year or two, and often comes with a pass the written guarantee or your money back.

PROS: Provides structure so you don't have to create your own approach. Usually gives you an endorsement to take the actual test upon completion.

CONS: More expensive. Its easy to get distracted on a computer.

Tips for Focusing

1. Get rid of the phone.

2. If using a computer, there are browser plugins that you can use to temporarily block other websites so you aren't tempted to check social media.

3. Pomodoro Technique - Set a timer, work for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. After 4 of these 30 min time blocks take a longer break of about 30 minutes to an hour.

4. Leave the house, and find a place to study. Sometimes it helps to have a place where you work on it to free yourself from distractions and obligations. If you are one of our students, feel free to come to our office during normal hours and use our computer or couch.

Student Achievements

  • Emma Keoghan, Grant Fisher, Gunar Zink, Hunter Dail, Mason Hirt, and Ryan Otte did their first Solo

  • Brian Woischke, Hinesh Patel, Robby Quinn, Shannon John passed their Private Pilot Checkride

  • Ken Schirg passed his CFII Checkride

Interested in Contributing?

If you have a topic or educational story you would like to share with our community, or a “stump the chump question” for our Flight Instructors. Feel free to let us know, we would be happy to include it in this newsletter.

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