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Flight School Newsletter - January 2018

A New Year for Flying

What is your Flying Resolution this year?

Every new year, like many of my peers, I like to sit down and write new year’s resolutions. Often there is at least one or two related to aviation. Here are some ideas for resolutions you can use to advance your flying this year.

Finish that certificate or rating, or start a new one.

It happens, you start working on your next certificate or rating and life got in the way. Or you keep thinking you should start the next one but keep putting it off. Unfortunately, time always ticks forward, so commit yourself to it this year. Get that instrument rating so you can fly in clouds, add an engine with the multi-engine rating, or go for the toughest of them all and get licensed to teach. Start the new year by passing a written exam, use the cold snowy evenings to study and get it done so you can focus on flying in the spring.

Get an endorsement

Not everything you need the rigor of an FAA examinations. You can get endorsed to fly tailwheel aircraft, operating landing gear and constant speed props, or pump up your horsepower with a high-performance endorsement.

Go on an adventure

In addition to taxiway slipperiness, be extra mindful of  the wings as there can easily be snow piles high enough to contact the wing tips. Take the taxi slow as to keep control on slick pavement, as well as to allow time for the engine to warm up to operating temperature. Check to see if the oil temperature needle is active before runup.

Make steps towards ownership

Have you been window shopping on trade-a-plane,, or barnstormers? Know you can afford it but not sure how to get started? Take a step this year towards ownership. Define your mission and how you plan to use the aircraft, where you will keep it, where you will maintain it, and how often you will use it. There are very experienced staff here at Griffing that will help you figure it out and decide if ownership is a good option for you and how to go about it.

Shake off the rust

Has it been awhile since you have been an active flyer? Take some time to review the written materials published by the FAA and get some recurrent training. We can help you with a plan to get you comfortable in the left seat again.

Take a Discovery flight

If you have you don’t have a pilot’s license yet, but like many keep thinking about it and finding yourself staring at the sky everytime a plane flies over, then come on in for a discovery flight this year. Stop dreaming, start doing.

Student Accomplishments

  • Brian Woischke passed his private pilot written exam.

  • Dave Hirt passed his private pilot written exam.

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