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Flight School Newsletter - February 2018

FAA Shutdown

How the government shut down affected flight training

It was only three days this year, but the government shutdown yet again. The FAA is a apart of this shutdown. That means it does affect flight training activities in the following ways:

The FAA cannot issue Airmen Certificates

During the shutdown, the FAA cannot check applications on IACRA, nor can they issue certificates. That means even once the process resumed a back log will exist. This included applications for student pilot certificates. Certain certificates, such as Flight Instructor, require the test to be scheduled with an Aviation Safety Inspector at your local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). That means that these tests cannot be scheduled, as well as any that were scheduled were cancelled during the shutdown.

Knowledge Testing was on hold

Written testing centers were notified that they could not process any tests during the shutdown. This means you will have to wait for a later date to take that written exam. The shutdown did not affect practical tests, which are performed by FAA Designated Pilot Examiners. DPE's are not federal employees and were still able to give checkrides.

FAASTeam Seminars

For those of you that utilize seminars and webinars put on by the FAASTeam at, these were canceling during the shutdown. Not only were they cancelled, but they had no staff available to notify anyone that had signed up for one.

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