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Lake Erie Islands

World's shortest airline - from the mainland to Key West North in about 7 minutes. Over 80 years of continuous service. 

We provide daily service to the Bass Islands (Put-in-Bay, Middle Bass, and North Bass), Kelleys Island, Pelee Island, and Rattlesnake Island.

bass islands & Kelleys Island

Adult (10 and up) - $50.00 one-way

Child (3-9) - $25.00 one-way

Baby (2 and under) - Free

Inter-island flights have a two seat minimum.

Winter Island Information

Winter Customers Information Form


All flights require a reservation, given on a first-come first-served basis. Please call us at 419-734-5400 ext. 1 to schedule  your flight or text us at 419-210-1592.

Rattlesnake Island

A private island welcome to members only, flights are available on a limited basis.

Adult (10 and up) - $125.00 one-way

Child (3-9) - $62.50 one-way
Baby (2 and under) - Free

Pelee island

Adult (10 and up) - $87.50 one-way

Child (3-9) - $43.75 one-way

Baby (2 and under) - Free

International Air Travel Information

Pelee Customers Information Form

May 2023 Pelee Updates

Pet Friendly

Pets are welcomed travelers and should be declared at the time of reservation. 

Small dog (under 10lbs.) - $5.00 one-way

Large dog (over 10lbs.) - $10.00 one-way

Island Freight

Envelopes - $2.00 each

Minimum Package - $5.00 per item

Bulk Freight - $0.20 per pound

scenic tours
Get a birds-eye-view of all Lake Erie has to offer from 1000 feet above the water. 

things to do

Here is a list of attractions, restaurants, lodging, and more on Kelleys Island, Put-in-Bay, Middle Bass, North Bass, and Pelee Island.


Catawba Webcam

Put-in-Bay Harbor Webcam

Put-in-Bay Perry's Victory Monument Webcam

Kelleys Island Webcam

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